Professional References

Vicki was instrumental in creating and building up MKFM's flagship local music show from scratch. The programme was an integral part of our successful FM licence application and remains a core element of the    schedule.


Vicki is committed to making her show a success and works tirelessly to connect with local  artists, attending gigs, supporting local venues, as well as promoting events and releases. She also provides helpful feedback to local musicians and  gives    guidance to them on  producing demos which can be used on the show.

The genuine passion she has for the music she plays, coupled with her confident and warm presenting skills and  her excellent radio voice make her a very strong presenter. I'd have no hesitation in recommending her to any station she approaches.

Chris Gregg

Founder and Former Programme Director, MKFM

I have known Vicki since 1992, when she joined originally on work experience the Chiltern Radio network. At the time, I was Head of Music and the station's Producer, I was also Vicki's line manager too.


She quickly integrated as part of the team and proved very keen, hardworking and reliable, offering most of her free time to the station during the following three years. Vicki's enthusiasm for radio was and still is matched by her knowledge and passion for music.


From listening to her current broadcasts, I have seen how much she has grown, becoming a confident and able presenter and I look forward to seeing her career further flourish. With this in mind, I have no hesitation in recommending her to your organisation.


Dave Bush

Creative Producer, Global Radio

Vicki started at Horizon Radio in Milton Keynes on a work experience basis in 1992. After her initial placement, she then continued to return on a regular basis at every opportunity she had.


During my time as Network Controller at the Chiltern Radio network, she was always a pleasure to have around.Her enthusiasm both for radio and music was quite evident but she also displayed all the disciplines and professional qualities required to work in the business.


Both her heart and head are in the business and will be an asset to any radio platform.


Steve Power

Breakfast Show Presenter, Wave 105


Listener  and   Artist Messages

Great show! Your presentation and delivery is so infectious, entertaining and professional, We turn  the telly off and listen  to the whole show, you play  some great tunes.
You can tell that you do have a real interest in independent artists and are prepared to give them a voice, and I am sure that there will be, or are a few better known acts that owe you a thank you.


Many thanks for playing our music.

Steve Clarke

4MoreInc (Band)


Being an 'independent' artist, myself (and of course the band!) cannot thank you enough for all the love and support you have given us - along with the exposure to an audience wider than we could  imagine!

Keep it up Mrs! 


Lee Bo

All Tied Up (Band)


I'll always be grateful to you. You were the first person to play my own music on the radio and that helped give me the confidence to get back into the studio and record the whole Cain Rising album - and to then put the band together to do it all live.

You do a great job for MK musicians. Thank you.


Jim Price

Cain Rising (Band)