Work   History

Vicki first decided that she wanted to work in media  while still at school. 


Her love of radio inspired her to contact Milton Keynes' now-defunct    Horizon Radio and secured a work experience placement at the local station premises.

During her three -week work experience, Vicki worked as a record librarian, tea girl, assistant to presenters and learned about editing. Due to her confident nature and can-do attitude, Vicki ended up staying on at the station as an informal intern for the next three years. Where, in

her free time and school holidays she learned how to use the desk, recorded practice shows off air, took part in being a member of the 'crew' on live shows, worked at events with presenters making public appearances, answered phones, edited segments for shows and generally did anything required  to aid the running of the station.

It looked set to be a smooth career path for Vicki, as she prepared to work her way up the ladder to becoming a presenter. However, the station was then bought out and many of the staff (included her mentors) moved away to other stations. Meaning that Vicki no longer had any contacts at the station. Which put Vicki's dream of presenting on ice for a few years.

Over the years that followed, she volunteered at her local newspaper, wrote fanzines and then moved to London for a couple of years, where she co-wrote an independent music magazine as a hobby.

Eventually returning  to Milton Keynes, Vicki started to do her own show on hospital radio, still yearning for a show on a recognised radio station.

Then in 2013, a chance meeting at an event with Chris Gregg the Founder and  Programme Director of MKFM, led to Vicki sharing her background and dreams  regarding radio. When Chris asked what kind of show she wanted to do, Vicki said that she wanted to present a local music show, to champion local talent and promote  unsigned artists. By sheer luck and co-incidence, Chris was looking to have such a show on his newly-launched station and after another, more formal meeting in 2014, Chris offered Vicki her own show, 'The Scene' every Thursday at 7pm.

In 2015, MKFM was awarded its full-time FM licence to complement its DAB output and also moved in to brand new state-of-the-art premises in Central Milton Keynes. Because of this and due to Vicki's sheer hard work to build up contacts and a strong following, her local music show has gone from strength to strength, not only championing the local musicians, but promoting and interviewing visiting artists too.


In January 2017,  Vicki moved  to presenting 7pm, Monday to Thursday, with a new weekend slot being dedicated to the local music Vicki is passionate about. In this month, she also began writing a monthly column for Celebrate:MK, a  glossy lifestyle magazine and comprehensive website, where she writes about the local music scene.

In 2019, Vicki  stepped down from the evening show, to focus on the local music show and other commitments,  but is now ready to seek new and exciting opportunities.  

Vicki has had the pleasure in recent months of interviewing Chas  and Dave, Richie Ramone, Albert Lee, Razorlight and  Scouting for Girls  to name but a few. As well as inviting artists in to record exclusive 'MKFM sessions'.

Vicki loves presenting  her current show and writing her column, but is now looking to try and make the move in broadcasting as a full-time job, she is also happy to consider  freelance work, bringing her enthusiasm and warmth to new listeners.